What is the difference between BD and GD?

While the GDs are organised like a corporation, the BDs are organised more like a church, with gang leaders referred to as “ministers.” The BDs can trace their lineage back to “King David Barksdale.” When King David died in 1974, the Black Gangster Disciples became the new umbrella group (BGDs).

Are Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples the same?

Larry Hoover and David Barksdale founded the Gangster Disciples in the 1960s on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Larry Hoover was the boss of his own gang, the Supreme Gangsters, before forming the BGDs, while David Barksdale was the leader of his own gang, the Black Disciples.

What does LS anthem mean?

“L’s Anthem,” one of the most iconic Chicago disses of all time, is widely regarded as the spark that sparked the city’s already raging gang conflicts to a new level. Durk, a Black Disciple, disses two Gangster Disciple sets on this single. Black Disciple Killers is an acronym for Black Disciple Killers.

What does dropping the Y mean?

Y Hand Sign Die Young Money’s foes make the identical sign for Die Y, with the distinction that while Young Money throws up the Y, his foes drop it as a symbol of scorn, thus the phrase Die Y.

What is LS in dating?

LS stands for “Light Smoker.” On online dating services like Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk, and Match.com, as well as in text messages and adult chat forums, this is the most popular description for LS. . LS.

What does ily mean on Tik Tok?

I adore you.

What does F mean in gaming?

The F key is the preferred button in the PC version of the game, therefore a “Press F to Pay Respects” message shows on screen.

Can I get an F in chat meme?

This is a mutation of the internet meme “Press F to pay respects,” which gained traction when the prompt notably occurred during a memorial ceremony in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2014. After the streamer’s failure, the conversation is basically “hitting F to pay homage” to them (and likely death in-game).

Why is RNG bad?

When RNG is utilised to generate inescapable, unexpected outcomes, it is harmful. Consider an enemy unit that has a 5% chance of insta-killing your character when it attacks, and there’s no way to avoid being attacked at least once.

What does BHM mean sexually?

a tall, attractive man

What does RNG mean in FN?

Generator of random numbers

What is FN RNG?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a mathematical construct, either computational or in the form of a hardware device, that is meant to create a random collection of numbers with no discernible patterns in their appearance or creation, thus the name random.