How do you get paint in Merge mansion?

AppGamer replied: You can acquire the paint can from either the Toolbox or the Blue Box, although the drop rate isn’t always high. You may also obtain the paint can from the shop on occasion.

What guns do you have to get gold for dark matter in blackout?

HOW TO GET THE DARK MATTER CAMO UNLOCKED. You’ll be able to employ the Dark Matter Camo once you’ve collected enough money for each weapon. All major weapons (Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Tactical Rifles, and Snipers) as well as all minor weapons are included (Pistols, Launchers, Shotguns, and Melee).

How do you get dark matter skin?

The Dark Matter Ultra camo is one of the most sought-after weapon skins. The same method as in previous Black Ops games is used to unlock the Dark Matter Ultra camo in Black Ops Cold War. In multiplayer, players must unlock Diamond Camo for all weapon classes. That is all that is required.

What is dark matter in BO4?

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Dark Matter camo is one of the most sought-after unlockables in the game. This gun skin is the single most difficult camo in the game to unlock. The Dark Matter camo in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was initially seen in Treyarch’s previous game, Black Ops 3.

How do you get STFC dark matter?

Completing missions in Augment space is how the dark matter samples are collected.

How do you get dark Aether skin?

Grinding the weapon levels and challenges accompanying them is the simplest method to unlock Dark Aether.

What rounds do megatons spawn?

In Die Maschine, Megatons spawn two rounds after the Pack-a-punch is erected, or on Wave 13 if the power has not been restored, unlike in Outbreak, they spawn randomly around the battlefield.

How do I get elite kills?

Players must slay any huge Megaton zombies they come across. When you kill the first zombie, two more Megatons, the bomber and the blaster, will appear. To obtain a single Elite Elimination, players must kill both.

Do mimics count as elite kills?

In #BlackOpsColdWar, special adversaries (mimics, manglers) now count as elite kills!

What is an elite enemy in outbreak?

Any adversaries with a skull next to their health bar are Elite foes, commonly known as Megatons in Die Maschine mode. They appear as follows: Megatons are simple to recognise because they’re around double the size of the average zombie you’ll face in the game mode.

What is an elite zombie in outbreak?

Elite zombies are identified by a white skull inside a downward-facing red triangle in the overworld and mini-map. Elite zombies include the Megaton and the Krasny Soldat, among others. Open a total of 25 chests. Look for treasures to plunder in specified Outbreak zones.

How do you Exfil a zombie outbreak?

You may either exfil or warp to another map by going to the antenna. If you decide to exfil, you’ll need to drive to a spot a considerable distance from the antenna within a specific amount of time, thus having a car is recommended. Once you arrive, you must wipe out all of the zombies while also beating the clock.

How can I successfully Exfil?

In order to successfully exfil, hordes of zombies will flood the landing zone, and your squad will have 90 seconds to clear it. The helicopter will be destroyed and the match will terminate if your squad dies or you fail to clear the landing zone in time.

When can you Exfil zombies?

Exfiling is a method that allows players to summon a helicopter and exit the game on the new Zombies mode map, Die Maschine. Players, on the other hand, are only offered the opportunity to Exfil after reaching the eleventh round.